Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology
Department of Computer Science
Fall 2012

Course: CS-495
Title: Senior Seminar
Instructor: Dr. Dennis Foreman
Phone: 777-4162
Web Site:
Electronic Study Group: click here
Schedule:AB-125 Tues 8:30-9:55
Text: Engineering Ethics, Fledderman

Course Description:

Discussions of Computer science as a profession. Ethical and social implications of computing. Development and application of oral communication skills.

Lab: none scheduled

Prerequisites: senior standing.

This course will be graded ABCDF.


Upon completion of this course the student shall be able to demonstrate

To meet the objectives, the class will be broken into a number of teams, each team having a specific project. Each student shall give 2 presentations:

  1. an assigned topic related to the social and ethical issues surrounding the general field of technology.
  2. an assigned technical topic.


First presentation 20%
Second presentation 60%
Ethics Quiz 20%
Attendance: 10 pts (of TOTAL GRADE) will be SUBTRACTED per missed class when presentations are being given.


  1. If you know you are going to miss a class, I need to know ahead of time (prior to the class or session)
  2. As we go through the semester, if there is anything that is going to affect your performance in the class I need to know about it. If something happens, don't just stop coming to class; contact me and we'll make arrangements if at all possible.
  3. All assignments are due on the specified date/time. Only previously excused late work will be accepted. Unexcused late work will receive a zero.
  4. All work handed in for grading is to be your best individual work; it is OK to use study groups and classmates as resources. However, since you, as an individual, will be receiving the grade, the work used to evaluate your progress must be done by you alone. Copied and/or plagiarized work will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely. Copying from the internet is also forbidden. You may use any sources you wish, but you MUST use your own words and you must give references.

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