Papers will be graded for the following:
  1. Incorrect use of:
  2. Inadequate or faulty Analysis -10
  3. Evidence
  4. Content
  5. Attribution (giving credit)
  6. Style
    1. Lack of clarity of expression -2 for 1 or two "errors"; -5 for more
    2. Incohesive flow -2 for 1 or two "errors"; -5 for more
  1. You may NOT just copy & paste from other sources. That is plagiarism and is illegal. You will receive an IMMEDIATE "F" in the course for doing so.
  2. You are REQUIRED to perform your own analysis of the information you find.
  3. You ARE allowed to quote (and therefore copy) SMALL sections of other documents, but you MUST give credit for them in your bibliography and put them inside quotation marks!
  4. Copied sections without quotes is plagiarism and gets an immediate "F" for the course.
  5. A paper with NO bibliography will receive a zero.
  6. A paper with erroneous bibliographical data will receive -50.