The steps in boldface are ONLY for CS311, CS350:

1.      Download and install the MTN3270 program from SSL.BINGHAMTON.EDU (BU software downloads)

2.     CHANGE the properties of that program so it goes to (the original value had BINGTZ1)

3.     If you are off-campus, connect to BU with the VPN tunnel (must do this before ANY connection to the TJW system

4.      Go to my grade tracker to get your TJW-VM userid and password

5.     Run the 3270 program

6.     Login with the info from step 4

7.     At the prompt, type “1”. That will start your Linux system running

8.    Now type: #CP   DISC

9.      Use Putty or SSH to connect to YOUR virtual machine
where nnn is YOUR TJW account number from step 4. The userid is “root” and the password is 4Denn1s

10.  The name of the simple text editor is “nano” or you can use vi or emacs

11.   If you want a full-screen GUI to the Linux system, type: vncserver

a.      It will ask you for a password – you must create a NEW pw for the vnc client to use

b.      Login (third time) using a vnc client, such as TightVNC (which is free) from the internet
the userid is “root” and the password is the one you created in 11a above

From now on, you only need to connect with EITHER Putty/SSH or TightVNC.


NOTE: go to /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and change the ServerName (which is your (put your number in for nnn). Don’t forget to remove the #-sign in column 1.


Your CGI program goes in /var/www/cgi-bin

Your webpage goes in /var/www/html and MUST be named: index.html