Basic Home Page Assignment

Nothing to hand in. The webpage will be graded directly from a browser.
Note: all webpages MUST work in BOTH IE and Firefox. Late assignments will receive a zero!
  1. Follow the procedures here for setting up your webspace. It might already exist. Be careful.
  2. Open "notepad"e; for PC users or "textedit" for MAC users(be careful, do NOT use Word or Wordpad) and enter the HTML for YOUR homepage. Be sure you follow the example below. You may NOT use a regular Word Processor such as Word! ONLY a plaintext editor.
  3. Use "save as..." and pick the type "html" to save the file with the name "index.html". Do NOT save it as a "doc" or "docx" file!! Click onthe button to specify a type of "all files *.*" and explicitly type the ".html" after the name. Be careful you do not end up with a file name like index.html.txt or index.txt.html. index.html is the ONLY name that works and it MUST be spelled in lowercase!! Remember that all your webpages MUST be INSIDE your public_html folder on your H: drive. (The H: drive is available to your account from anywhere in the world.) You may NOT use any of the following tags:
    • <b>
    • <i>
    • <u>
    • <font>
    • <center>
    • or any of the other deprecated tags
    instead, use CSS styles as in my exampe below (use "view source") to see my html & CSS.
  4. Open a browser (IE, Edge, Firefox or Chrome) and test your webpage, by going to
    where the "x"'s are replaced by YOUR ID. If it doesn't work, fix it. Be sure it contains ALL the same information in the same order as my SAMPLE PAGE below. You can format it with any type-face, color or background (wallpaper) you desire.
    CAUTION: some wallpapers have designs that make text hard to read. Check it out!

NOTICE that the bordered area or table if you use one, does NOT extend to the edges of the screen. Set non-zero margins with CSS. You may use ANY colors, fonts and sizes you wish, but you must use CSS styles and all the items (from top to bottom) must be in the order shown. Remember that there is a DIFFERENCE between align:center and text-align:center. The text-align:center style is for the CONTENT of a text element (such as a table data element or a paragraph).

Content rules for basic homepage page

Each item should display below the previous one.
  1. a centered image with a border around it (the border is nOT part of hte image itself)
  2. your name and an anchor tag with a mailto://your_email address so I can click it to tell you about errors or goodness
  3. a bordered table with
      two input boxes for the user to type numbers
    1. one output box for an answer
    2. a button the user can click to run a javascript program that multiplies the 2 numbers
Your HTML code should put the cursor inside the 1st number box. DO NOT USE A FORM!! That will come later.