State University of New York at Binghamton
Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Computer Science
CS-360: GUI and Windows Programming

Professor Dennis J. Foreman
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CS-360, GUI AND WINDOWS PROGRAMMING. An overview of the issues involved in the design and implementation of graphical user interfaces and windows applications. A practical, hands-on course on how to program using the interactive, pointer-based, graphical techniques that comprise the modern desk-top interaction metaphor. Microsoft Windows; the X Window System; event-driven programming; client/server model; Microsoft's Win32 API, MFC, & .NET; Xlib; use of windows object classes; interface toolkits; window managers; widgets; resources; graphics and text in windows. This is a project-oriented course that emphasizes the programming of windows applications, not the aesthetical and psychological issues involved in good user-interface design. Prerequisites: CS-220, CS-240.

TEXTBOOK: Introduction to MFC Programming with Visual C++, Richard M. Jones, Pearson, 978-0-13-016629-6

See the Course Policy for grading information Several Microsoft Windows programming assignments will be made during the course of the semester.