Course materials

Student Responsibilities

Unexcused late work of any kind will receive a penalty of 10% off for each day late, up to 50 points off. After 5 days of penalties, the assignment will NOT be accepted and will receive a zero unless excused as defined in the link above. No incompletes will be given, except in cases of validated excuse. Official documentation is required for all excuses.


All grades in the following table are AFTER any curving.

Grade scale
94-100=A 90-93.9=A- 87-89.9=B+ 84-86.9=B 80-83.9=B-
77-79.9=C+ 74-76.9=C 70-73.9=C- 60-69.9=D 0-59.9=F

Grade content

Midterm Exam10%
Final Exam10%

Grade Requirements

SOME grades may be curved, NONE will be dropped. An average grade of 70 on the labs is required to pass the course. The overall course grade must be 60 or above. No exceptions.
See the
syllabusfor more information about the course content.

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