1. Labs

    All labs are required. You may NOT share ANYTHING. You may NOT work in teams.
    You MAY discuss approaches to solutions, but all work must be your own.

  2. Lab Grading

    Each lab gets one total grade
    Any (unexcused) work turned-in late receives a penalty of 30%.

  3. Exams

    There will be 1 midterm exam and a comprehensive final exam.

  4. Attendance

    You are responsible for all material covered and for any announcements made in lecture or in your lab section. Attendance at lab sessions is part of your Lab Participation grade. Exams will be announced at least one week in advance, inclass or via email on the class listserver. Quizzes will be UNannounced and may occur as often as deemed necessary usually when attendance is low). Make up exams or quizzes will be given only in exceptional circumstances.

  5. Course grading

    Homework+quizzes 20%
    Labs 30%
    Midterm Exam 30%
    Final Exam 20%

You must have a lab average (for all required labs) >= 70 to pass the course.
You must have a course average (labs + exams) >= 60 to pass the course.
No grades will be dropped.
No extra credit will be given to "improve" grades.
There will be NO Incompletes given, for ANY reason. If you have missed so much of the class that you cannot catch up, you will have to drp[ the course. NO work will be accepted after noon on the Sunday preceding the last week of class.

The need for a curve has not been determined, so there may not be one.