Things that can go wrong when building a web page. The following errors may occur when you first start working on your web space. Here's some error messages and their solutions.
    1. Access Forbidden
      This error happens because your file permissions are not properly set in your account. See my procedures for setting permissions.
    2. Index of ...
      This means your public_html directory does not contain a default page ("index.html"). If you've sent a home page to your web space, you did not put it INSIDE your public_html directory. To do so, you must double-click on the public_html folder to GET INSIDE it, THEN do the transfer.
    3. Error 403 "Page not Found"
      Thisi s usually cuased by mis-spelling (you typed the wrong letters in upper and/or lower case) so it doesn't match the exact name of the file.

      Remainder is NOT for CS105

    4. Cannot connect
      This is usually caused by an expired password. You can solve this 2 ways:
      1. If you do NOT remember your old password, go to the help desk
      2. If you remember your old password:
        1. Use an SSH program (like Putty) to access your account, and enter the old password.
          1. Install Putty
          2. Connect to this site:
          3. enter your userid and at the next prompt, enter your password
        2. You will then be prompted to enter a NEW password.
        3. You will be prompted AGAIN for the NEW password.
        4. You will then be prompted for the OLD password to verify you are authorized to change the password.
    5. Your JavaScript changes don't show up.
      This happens because your browser has not been set to fetch the modified page every time you ask for it. It's pulling the old page from your page-cache. To fix this:
      1. If you're using Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox, go to Edit/preferences/advanced/cache and set it to zero space or to validate the page every time.
      2. If you're using IE, go to Tools/Internet options/temporary files/settings/every visit.
    6. Your window.prompt doesn't pop-up in Internet Explorer
      If you (or your users) are using a Custom Security level in Internet Explorer, you must Enable:
      Tools > Internet Options > Security > 'allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows'.