How to determine if you need to proceed with this operation

Start your browser. Go to your homepage. If it loads, and all your other pages and images load, you're done here. Otherwise keep reading.

Checking Authorizations

Correcting the 'Access Forbidden' problem

  1. Download and use an SSH client to get to your account.
    1. Install Putty
    2. Connect to this site:
    3. Enter your userid and at the next prompt, enter your password
  2. Enter the command:
    ls -al
    (note that those 'l's are the lowercase version of the letter "L" not the digit "one")
  3. The string of letters on the left of public_html should be: drwxr-xr-x
  4. If not, enter this command:
    chmod 755 public_html
  5. If you can see index.html, it is in the wrong place. To move the file into your public_html folder,
    1. type: mv index.html public_html
    2. Now type: cd public_html
    3. Now you are INSIDE the public_html folder and should be able to see index.html.
    4. Proceed to step 2 of the solution below to set up the files INSIDE your website

Checking the web files (pages and images)

  1. Enter the command: cd public_html
  2. Once again enter the command:
    ls -al
  3. The string of letters next to index.html should be: -rwxr-xr-x
  4. If not,enter this command:
    chmod 644 *

You should now logout and test your website with your browser.

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