Read through this set of procedures BEFORE you attempt to use them.

  1. Check to see if the website folder exists in your H: drive:
    1. On campus
      1. Open Windows Explorer (Finder on a Mac)
      2. Click on H: Drive
    2. Off campus
      1. Browse to SSL.BINGHAMTON.EDU
      2. Click on H: Drive
      If the H: drive does not appear, you will have to "map" it onto your computer. To do this, follow these instructions:
      1. For a Mac
      2. For a PC
    3. Look for public_html with a directory folder icon. Be sure it is spelled in all lower-case letters with an underline character between "public" and "html". It CANNOT be used if is inside another folder. It MUST be in the first list of folders & files that you see when you connect to your H: drive. If the folder exists, you are ready to create your web pages and you are done with these instructions.
  2. If the public_html folder does not exist or is spelled any other way than shown above, then you must take some action.
    1. If it does not exist, create it using the "New Folder" button at the upper-right side of the window. Once it is created, you are done with these instructions.
    2. If the name is mis-spelled, create a new folder with the correct spelling, so you don't delete any old files. Then be sure to use the new folder.

ęD.J. Foreman 11/11/13