Project management

Getting the template

Click here to retrieve the MS Project template file: student_master.mpp

Click on "save as..." and save it with YOUR NAME as the file name. This file is NOT a program! It is a DATA file, which can ONLY be opened with MS Project (which does NOT come with ANY computer you buy from any place).

This DATA file will be used to get you started with MS Project, using all the colors and shapes required for the course.

Free Software

After the Drop deadline, if you are still registered for a Watson courese, you can download the MS Project PROGRAM from MSDNAA by clicking
here: MSDNAA.

  1. After you get to the MSDNAA site, go to the Software link, then Login. Your username is your BU email address (the WHOLE address - the parts before and after the @ sign).
    Your password is your PODS Login password.
  2. Download the MS Project 2007 Professional package. (NOT the Server package.) The download is NOT the actual MS Project program. It is a special program that downloads the actual program.
  3. When you click "DOWNLOAD" on the MSDN page (not my website page) the next page that loads has information on MS PROJECT. You will see a chart with:
    1. Product Name: Project Professional 2007
    2. Number of Units: 1
    3. Date Ordered: 2006-09-12 (this will be the current date)
    4. Deliverable: Download
    5. Delivery Status: Downloaded
    6. Serial Number: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
      the "x"s will be a different combo of letters and digits for each download.
    Write down that whole serial number! Double check it for correctness!
  4. Rename the Downloader" file so it has an extension of .exe
  5. Run the downloader file.
    When you are asked for the "SERIAL NUMBER" use the "PRODUCT KEY" you wrote down.
    See MSAA for more information about the program.

Rules & Requirements for the semester Project

  1. Slide & Webpage Rules
  2. Slide & Webpage Requirements