WARNINGS: Due dates are ONLY announced IN CLASS. Usually 1 week before they are due.
All assignments are due by noon on the due date. You may ALWAYS hand the labs in early.
ALL labs require SEPARATE coverpages. Different labs are NOT stapled together, regardless of whether they are handed-in at the same time as other labs.

At the end of each chapter in the Shelly Cashman books, there is a section labeled "In The Lab". That's the place where the assignments are located. Each assignment has several steps. You are required to print any step that says, "submit, "print", or "display" and put the number of THAT step in the bottom right-hand corner of that page, with your initials. Do not print any other materials unless instructed to do so. For the Word and Excel assignments,insert the step with a footer, for the Access labs, you can use a pen, magic marker, crayon, etc., but not a pencil. Next to the step #, be sure to insert your initials in NORMAL order (first initial of 1st name comes first, then first initial of last name.