CS105 Course Policy


This course will involve considerable amounts of time using the computer, both during labs, and on your own. You may use your own computer, but all work must be done using the same software as taught in the course.

Getting Help:

POD Consultants can help you with the hardware, and Windows, but are generally not familiar with our software. The Course Assistants should be able to answer most of your questions. You are required to do your own work. You may NOT help each other or work together IN ANY WAY. You may NOT share input, output, files or disks, nor may you copy and/or modify other peoples' files or output in any way, for any reason! Doing so will result in a grade of zero, for the entire assignment, for all parties involved! A 2nd offense will result in formal University Disciplinary action and an F in the course. If you have difficulty with an assignment, see the Course Assistants or the instructor, not your friends.


Exercises may be done during scheduled lab, any time the computers are available, or on your own PC. All assignments must be handed in to your Course Assistant or placed in the proper filing cabinet drawer, behind EB-N25 by the specified time on the due date. My secretary will NOT accept assignments. Late assignments, without a valid excuse, will receive a grade of ZERO. The assignments require a great deal of attention to details, such as formatting, correct usage in spreadsheets, and following instructions. Each assignment must be stapled in the top left corner. Assignments left under the door will be not be accepted. The assignments will be announced in class without advance notice. There may also be pop quizzes. There is no guarantee that all Lecture sections will have the same quizzes or exams or the same number thereof.

There must be a cover page for every assignment - even if the cover page information is in the assignment!. See the example in the class notes (sold with the lab book). You must label every page of every assignment on the bottom right corner, with the problem print-step number (the step number in the book, where it says "print") and your initials, even if your name is part of the printed data. Keep all your returned labs until after the start of the next semester. They are your only proof of grades and work done, if review is required.

You are expected to keep up with the class. You are responsible for obtaining information missed due to your absence. If you have personal or medical problems which are preventing you from getting the work done, see the instructor immediately.

All assignments must be turned in by the announced due-date, except by prior arrangement. There are no re-submissions without prior instructor approval, and then, only for special circumstances. There wil be NO Incompletes. All work MUST be submitted on time. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your grades have been received and recorded. You cna check this on my website. Any disagreements MUST be brought to the attention of the instructor within 3 weeks of the assignmnet due-date. See the web pages listed below. Note that the online grade tracker only shows grades for received & graded labs, so you can track your progress. At the end of the semester, this average may change, because it will be based on all ASSIGNED labs, not just the ones you did. Labs not entered by the Course Assistants by that time will be counted as zeros until the graded labs are received. This allows for students with documented excuses who hand in materials late, as well as allowing for graded materials being returned to the instructor at different times.


Exams must be taken in the lecture section for which you are registered. Make-up exams are only given with:

  1. notice to the instructor prior to the absence (except in emergencies), AND
  2. a valid reason for the absence ("validity" determined solely at the discretion of the instructor - proof is required). See the link above regarding excuses.

Grading: All assignments are graded according to standard criteria. In addition, 15 points will be deducted on any assignment, for EACH of the following: improper/missing page labeling or initials, incorrect cover page, missing row & column headings in spreadsheets, use of numbers in spreadsheet formulas, cutoff formulas in spreadsheets, cutoff column headings in database tables. Assignments without a cover page will receive a zero, with no regrade possible.

Course grades are based on the following, for ALL students, regardless of whether graded (ABCDF) or Pass/Fail:

Exams (not quizzes) (3 planned) 45% (15% each), must average 60 or better
Lab Assignments (includes un-announced quizzes) 35% (must average 70 or better for all assigned labs and quizzes)
Final Exam 20%

Grade scale
94-100=A 90-93.9=A- 87-89.9=B+ 84-86.9=B 80-83.9=B-
77-79.9=C+ 74-76.9=C 70-73.9=C- 60-69.9=D 0-59.9=F
Note: a range like 77-79.9 means a grade from 77 to anything less than 80 (like 79.999)

Unexcused late work of any kind will receive a zero. No incompletes will be given.

Grades are not curved or dropped. An average grade of 70 on the assignments and an average grade of 60 on the exams (not including the final), are required to pass the course. Overall grade must be 60 or better to pass (grade or P/F). No exceptions.

See: the lab addenda file for additions & changes to assignments during the semester. Other changes are announced via the BU List Server. It is a requirement of the course that you check your email daily and keep your mailbox clear.

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