Notes about CS105 Content

There are several places within this course where material will be covered that does not appear relevant either to modern systems or an introductory course on computing. For example, there will be discussions of the "old" MS-DOS command prompt, file paths and the basics of network architecture. While these concepts may appear to be "archaic", they form the foundations of a solid background in effective use of computers. They provide the basis for using a PC with a significantly reduced reliance on outside help, such as IT departments.

The DOS command prompt is discussed because, coupled with Windows Notepad, it is possible to create "scripts" that will perform multiple commands, without the extensive learning required for writing scripts in the sophisticated languages currently in vogue (e.g.;Perl, Visual Basic & PHP).

Hardware concepts will help prepare users with the background for understanding the workflow within the machine, which will help them contend with various error conditions, error messages and other "strange" behavior of computers.

It has been my experience that users who understand these concepts are much better prepared for the computer problems encountered in the workplace and at home than users who have not had this preparation.