What is a “journal” for CS101? It is your remembrance of two major headings of information:

1.     What you thought was just plain interesting or “cool”.

2.     What you thought was IMPORTANT to your career in Computer Science

You need to list 3 items in each of the 2 headings. Be VERY BRIEF. Do not duplicate from one heading to the other. No more than 6-10 words for EACH of your 3 items-per-heading. They do NOT have to be complete sentences. Just enough that our journal grader will know you were there and paying attention. And hopefully enough to remind you about it later in your time at BU.

The journals MUST be done with a word-processing program and printed via computer. Hand-written journals will receive a zero!!

Please see the schedule on my website. Even if you missed the lecture on resumes, you must still write one to take to the job fair and hand in the week after the Job Fair. Even freshmen SHOULD go to the Job Fair.


This course is a GRADED course.